Royksopp Returns To North America

Norwgian electronic gurus Royksopp have the right idea about touring. Rather than just viewing live shows as a way to cash in, they prefer to maintain a much more artistic mentality on performing. In an interview with Billboard, Svein Berge commented: “Doing a lot of live shows will have an effect on things like sales and marketing, but then again, that's not really the reason why we're into this. It's about music."

Translating electronic music into a live setting is not an easy task. Royksopp’s upcoming new album, The Understanding, shows the duo utilizing vocal performances much more than in the past. This has caused them to change up how they approach their performances on stage. About the new elements for their show, Berge said: “There are some ideas, but they're not too concrete at the moment. I'll just have to be secretive and evasive."

The duo is currently plotting a North American tour in the fall, although no dates have been confirmed. They will be embarking on a mini-tour this summer, hitting New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles this July. The Understanding, Royksopp’s follow-up to their amazing 2002 debut Melody A.M., will be released on July 12 in North America on Astralwerks.

07.13.05 – New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
07.15.05 – San Francisco, CA (Blimbo’s 365 Club)
07.17.05 – Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Bowl – w/ Basement Jaxx)

Royksopp Returns To North America