Grand National Makes The USA Its Next Target

Already well known in the UK, Australia and France, London-based dance pop duo Grand National are now setting their sights on the US. Still without label representation in the States (though we hear they've had plenty of offers), the band will be playing a series of select dates for us Yanks beginning June 11 at the Knitting Factory in New York City. The very short, strategically placed tour, will also include a KCRW-sponsored show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC and a third and final show at the Knitting Factory in LA. Obviously, the idea is to get all the big cheese A&R dudes out to catch the band in action and hopefully add fuel to the already heated bidding war fire.

Grand National hope to release their debut album, Kicking The National Habit, sometime in late summer/early fall of this year in the US. Already garnering praise from URB, Billboard, Spin, etc., this band is well on their way to breaking in the US. So get your tastemaker asses out to see them!

06.11.05 - New York, NY (Knitting Factory)
06.13.05 - New York, NY (Mercury Lounge, presented by KCRW)
06.15.05 - Los Angeles, CA (Knitting Factory)

Grand National Makes The USA Its Next Target