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Thom Yorke's Writers Block Caused By Global Warming

We have all come up with some interesting excuses for writer’s block. In school we could blame it on various distractions ranging from “family emergencies” to being “sick”. Those little white lies could normally get us a brief extension on writing assignments without losing a letter grade. Thom Yorke’s reason is a much more thought out and eco-friendly excuse.

According to the BBC, the Radiohead frontman has been worried about the effects of global warming. He has been suffering from panic attacks and writer’s block because of these fears. In a recent interview, he said: “This was something that was obsessing me and creating a writer's block. To get involved and get stuck in, get the proper information about what's going on has really helped. To be presented with a sane solution to what seems like a problem that's insurmountable, purely selfishly it's extremely useful. I can get on with my work now."

To help get a discussion started, he went to the British Parliament today in a campaign to get laws changed on greenhouse gasses. Now that he is speaking his mind about the environment to the government, hopefully Yorke can get back into the studio to continue work on their next album.

Thom Yorke's Writers Block Caused By Global Warming