Live - The Raveonettes Bring The Future Of Vintage Surf Rock To NJ

At first glance, Autolux and The Raveonettes seem like an odd pair for a bill, Autolux wielding their warm fuzz, droning, My Bloody Valentine induced sound and The Raveonettes belting out ballad-driven surf rock/vintage pop songs. However, even though these two bands fall into two fairly disparate rock genres, they both seem to operate on parallels of the same warm, dream-like, sparkling Technicolor universe, resulting in a brilliant show.

Autolux stepped onto stage amidst blinking orange X-mas lights and shimmering blue light bulbs, the whole ensemble only three people deep. The band, all equally armed in similar shaggy haircuts, seemed to operate like three arms to the same rock animal. They kicked off the set with a short, droning, non-song to set the mood before delving deep into the first song off their album, “Turnstyle Blues.” While the two boys up front delivered gut-wrenching, intertwining, bass and guitar melodies, their drummer in white amazed us all with her mind-blowing drum fills and remarkable precision. The buzzing guitarmonies filled every nook in the venue. Autolux continued to play through most of their only album, Future Perfect. Each song built off of the previous one’s energy making for an extremely satisfying ride from start to finish.

Next, The Raveonettes made their way through the drooling audience to take the stage. When thinking of the most accurate description to a Raveonettes set, all I can think of is the Built To Spill album title, Ancient Melodies of the Future, because that, in essence, is what this band is all about. I have to admit that I lost all track of song names as I melted into their dreamy set. They played primarily songs off of the new record, Pretty In Black while also powering through older classics like “Attack of the Ghost Riders.” The whole time I just kept thinking, “are we still in NJ? Is it still 2K5?” For some reason, I just kept making up stories in my head about their journeys through time. I picture them, in all honesty, as the headliner in the cafeteria of a space fleet, rocking out their amazing tunes while different races and species mingle sipping fog juice cocktails. Their 60’s vintage pop seems so out of place in a really pleasing sci-fi kind of way. I can’t imagine that any band playing any venue anywhere last night sounded anything quite like it. It was such an amazingly unique show experience, something you really need to see and feel to believe. As the band started up their cover of “My Boyfriend’s Back,” it became especially clear where this band lies in the music/time continuum. It’s clear that The Angels’ style of vintage sound is a core influence, yet the song sounds so simplistic and not-quite-there sliced in between all of the much more exciting and intricate Raveonettes originals. Overall, The Raveonettes show was quite a trip and although somewhat unexpected, one that I look forward to taking again the next time they make it around to my spot on the time/rock continuum.

Source: Cara Heller

Live - The Raveonettes Bring The Future Of Vintage Surf Rock To NJ