Innaway Holds Residency In Los Angeles

Some Records’ newest band, Innaway, will be prepping for the release of their new album by holding a month long residency in Los Angeles at the Silverlake Lounge. For those of you that are not familiar with the band they are releasing their self-titled debut this summer and sound like a cross between Tortoise, Led Zeppelin, and Air. In the past they have toured with the likes of Pinback, Dios, and Blonde Redhead, and this summer they are planning on touring more extensively. The new LP was self-produced and recorded in the band’s homemade studio in Southern California, and then mixed in Chicago by John McEntire (Stereolab, Sea And Cake). Check them out if you are in the area of Los Angeles, or for their record release party in Costa Mesa. For more information on Innaway, or to sample the album, click here.

06.06.05 Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
06.13.05 Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
06.16.05 Costa Mesa, CA (Detroit Bar)
06.20.05 Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
06.27.05 Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)

Innaway Holds Residency In Los Angeles