Dimension Mix Benefits Cure For Austism

Did you know that Autism affects one in 166 kids? Not too cheery to start off a Monday, but it is true. In the past little had been done to understand this developmental disorder, but that is changing. Cure Autism Now believes that with the right funding, awareness and education, it is possible to treat, prevent, and cure Autism. In case you didn’t know, Autism impairs a person’s ability to communicate and socially interact.

On August 23 Eenie Meenie Records will be releasing Dimension Mix: The Music Of Bruce Haack and Ester Nelson, a compilation of music that will have a portion of all sales donated to Cure Autism Now. It will include covers and remixes of artists including Beck, Stereolab, Eels, Irving, and more. The idea comes from Bruce Haack and Ester Nelson. Bruce, an electronic music pioneer, and Ester, a children’s dance teacher, both formed the Dimension 5 record label. Dimension 5 released more than ten children’s records that explored the fifth dimension (in this case imagination). This new release was compiled by Ross Harris and Eenie Meenie Records.

Here is the track listing:
Beck “Funky Lil' Song”
Stereolab “Mudra”
Fantastic Plastic Machine “I'm Bruce (Dimension 5 Mega Mix)”
The Apples in Stereo “Liza Jane”
Money Mark “Spiders”
Tipsy “Popcorn”
EELS “Jelly Dancers”
Brother Cleve “School 4 Robots”
Oranger “Catfish”
Anubian Lights “Walking Eagle”
Irving “Army Ants In Your Pants”
DJ Me DJ You “Soul Transportation”
From Bubble Gum To Sky “Abracadabra”
Chris Kachulis “Listen”
Geoffrey Owen & Mary Christopher “African Lullaby”
Blue-Eyed Son “Upside Down”
The Stones Throw Singers “Rain of Earth”
Danielson Famile “Nothing To Do”

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Dimension Mix Benefits Cure For Austism