Illegal Downloads Anger Bob Mould

Don’t you dare download illegal copies of Bob Mould’s upcoming album. If he finds out that you did, he very well might punch you in the face. Yes, Mould is downright pissed off that his new album, Body Of Song, has already found its way online almost two months prior to the release date of July 26. The alternative rock icon, formerly of Husker Du and Sugar, vented via a post on his website.

Mould stated: “For the record: this project has taken me 3 years (on and off) to complete, with a price tag of around $50,000. Paying musicians, engineers, recording studios, travel costs, mastering, graphic designers, calling in tons of favors. Upgrading equipment, legal and management fees. There was no evil label paying these costs -- I write the checks. I get paid on records sold. This is how I do my business. The price tag doesn't account for my own time and effort, for which I typically get paid fairly well. After 26 years on the job, I have earned my keep.”

Right on, Bob! But wait, he isn’t done. Mould continued: “Let's say 20 people downloaded it during its last day on the site. If all of them liked it, and told a few friends, and it continued on like that for the next NINE weeks, we can all guess how many people would have the full album. How many of these people do we think would pay for an official release on July 26? Hard to say, but as the music spreads away from the "real Bob fans" (and how do we make the distinction?), the odds become less and less that I will see any money for my work.”

So if you are going to download the songs, at least do they guy a favor and pre-order the album. If you don’t, he may very well pick up a tire iron and do a number to the hood of your car.

Illegal Downloads Anger Bob Mould