Pete Doherty Finishing Up Babyshambles Album

The world’s favorite crack smoking rock superhero has wrapped up work on the upcoming Babyshambles album. Although no release date has been set, Pete Doherty seems quite pleased with the songs, and is actually much happier with his new batch of tunes than with anything he ever did with the Libertines. He thinks his new album is “the best record I’ve ever made by a long shot.”

In an interview with XFM, he explained: “I can tell you it’s all done. We’ve got a load of songs, about 30. It’s sounding good. You’ll like it, there’s a couple of surprises on there, a couple of brand new ones we wrote when we were in there.”

The first single will be “Fuck Forever”, which will most likely be followed by “Albion”. The album is still untitled, although Doherty seems to be leaning towards Up The Morning. He added: “We might call it Up The Morning, maybe, but we don’t know yet. Same with The Libertines, it’s always [decided on] the last day when we have to get the artwork sent off. But I like Up The Morning, that’s one of my favourite tracks on it, it’s a new track.”

If you have any hopes of a Libertines reunion, or at least the rebirth of the collaboration of Doherty with former bandmate Carl Barat, don’t get your hopes up. He answered a definite no, saying: “It’s like a new era really. Maybe for the first time ever I’m going onstage and feeling like I’m completely part of a band. More than The Libertines.” And as a swift kick to Barat’s crotch, he added: “Apart from the Sex Pistols, The Libertines were probably the most manufactured band ever.” After that comment, I would give just about anything to see Pete Doherty in a steel cage wrestling match with Johnny Rotten.

Pete Doherty Finishing Up Babyshambles Album