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The System Bombs Back

June 08, 2005

After we watched him cut up old Nintendo Cereal commercials on a DVD-J at Rothko last night, System D128 hit us with an email update to let us know that he's just thrown a few more of his bugged-out and drugged-out video collages up on his website.

No longer just that paranoiac Big Jus piece, D128 has added the joints he crafted for Madvillain, Blockhead and Diplo (you can check another of his seriously throwed visual collaborations with roommate Dip included as a DVD on the North American reissue of Florida); dude also told us he's been lending a hand to the chopped up not slopped up DVD project Hood Born.

Keep checking back to System D128's site for new additions and to peep what he's eBay slangin'.

Posted: June 08, 2005
The System Bombs Back