Damon Albarn Criticizes Live 8

After all the positive press that has been given out to the upcoming Live 8 concerts, it was only a matter of time before somebody slapped some negativity onto the event. Leave it to our favorite Britpop icon Damon Albarn to speak out against the shows, as he feels they give a negative portrayal of Africa. He has recently criticized the event for its lack of black artists lined up for the various shows in Europe and North America.

Albarn, who has been busy promoting his recent Gorillaz release, Demon Days, took some time out to speak about this issue with BBC’s Radio 4. He said: “This country is incredibly diverse. More than ever, black culture is an integral part of society, so why is the bill so damn Anglo-Saxon? If you are holding a party on behalf of people, then surely you don't shut the door on them. In a way Live 8 does that: it doesn't make you feel closer to Africa, it treats it like it's a failing, ill, sick, tired place."

Previous rumors of Albarn joining the list of musicians performing at Live 8 are now obviously false. He cleared this up without a doubt when he added: “I don't want to take part in an event that is so exclusive. Is this the most effective way to help Africa?"

He has also questioned the motives behind many of the artists who have signed up to perform in Live 8. He commented on how musicians will benefit from the performances with increased album sales. He said: “I would feel more comfortable if I felt there was a discussion and that the artists were putting pressure on their record labels to genuinely show that this is an altruistic act and that there is no self-gain in it."

Damon Albarn Criticizes Live 8