Live - David Cross And Death From Above 1979 DJ Sets @ Sonotheque

Comedian David Cross, best known for his stand-up and performances on the groundbreaking television shows Mr. Show and Arrested Development, delivered an eclectic and surprising mix of hits during his DJ set at Sonotheque in Chicago on June 10. The event was hosted by Biz 3 Publicity and sponsored by Puma, with all proceeds going to the recovery fund for Dax Pierson of hip-hop band Subtle. Pierson suffered a spinal injury during a car accident that rendered him paralyzed from the neck down, and benefits are taking place around the world in hopes of raising at least $80,000, $30,000 of which will cover the cost of Pierson’s wheelchair.

After Death From Above 1979’s Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger each spun sets consisting of disco, funk and old school rap, Cross took over the turntables. He kicked off with Built to Spill and ended with the Cheers theme song, playing tracks from The Smiths, Rush, N.E.R.D., NWA, Pixies, Belly and Public Enemy in between. Sporting a full beard, Cross hung out in the DJ booth with Keeler and Grainger most of the night. Before he started his set, I asked if he’d deejayed before, and he responded, “A few times. The technology is a little foreign to me. I’ll need a tutorial.”

Though Sonotheque had reached its miniscule capacity, the dancing crowd was polite and the space lacked its usual claustrophobia. Using a generic announcer’s voice, Cross introduced Keeler and Grainger as each kept the party going through the night. Other highlights included songs by Michael Jackson, The Walkmen, Gang of Four, ESG, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and James Brown.

Source: Amber Drea

Live - David Cross And Death From Above 1979 DJ Sets @ Sonotheque