The Living Room Serves Up Some International Flavor In NYC

New York City is home to pizza, bagels, and music. Although it is not just indie rock and jazz that flourish here, NYC is a real melting pot of all sorts of different ethnic and musical influences. From June 19 through June 23 Headset Productions and Uist Media Group will be hosting the NYC Charm Sessions at the Living Room (154 Ludlow Street). This event will focus on and celebrate New York’s musical diversity and will be recorded and broadcasted on BBC in a six part (2 hour) radio series. Performances will range from Hungarian punk music, Brazilian Choro, Old Nashville Country, Finnish a cappella, and African hip-hop.

Performers will include:
Suphala: a female tabla virtuosa backed by violin and trombone, recently featured in The New York Times.
Nervous Cabaret: a Middle Eastern influenced sound that has been described as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing with the Clash.
Akoya Afro-beat Ensemble: a percussive juggernaut, featuring 14 afro beat musicians.
Slavic Soul Party: a taste of Balkan brass and percussion.
Kaiku: a contemporary and trans-cultural mix of Finnish sincerity flavored with New York City attitude and worldly rhythms.
The Luminescent Orchestrii: a musical walkabout through Appalachian and Gypsy tunes that range from lively and infectious to deeply melancholy.
Spokinn Movement: a musical collective that seamlessly combines international music influences with hip-hop grooves.

Date Time & Lineup

7:00 Human Beat Boxers
7:30 Akoya Afro-Beat Ensemble
8:30 Halle
9:30 Spokinn Movement
10:30 Outernational

7:00 Curtis Eller
7:30 Clare Muldaur
8:30 Luminescent Orchestrii
9:30 Kaiku
11:00 Suphala
12:00 Sxip! Matta

7:00 Manze Dayila
8:00 My Brightest Diamond
9:00 Coba
10:00 Slavic Soul Party
11:00 Nation Beat

11:00 Nervous Cabaret
12:00 Chosan

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The Living Room Serves Up Some International Flavor In NYC