Live - New Yorkers Dance To Grand National... Yes, Dance

Even when there's a buzz as strong as the one I have recently seen with Grand National, when a band comes to town to play their first shows, I still only expect to see the usual circle of A&R reps at the show. Much to my surprise, I showed up to the Mercury Lounge to find Grand National on stage with a full entourage of fans front and center. I don't know where they came from. I never found out. Hoever, they were dancing up a storm, which I always love seeing, as it is a rare occasion. Now it may not seem like a huge gage of forthcoming success, but to all the bands out there, I promise you - if you can make New Yorkers dance, you are going places.

Reminiscent of early Police, New Order, Happy Mondays, Madchester, and Roxanne, this good looking band sounds like a lot of your old british favourites but also brings more dancing, pop and compelling melodies to the luscious mix. Rupert Lyddon & Lawrence 'La' Rudd are responsible for most of the instrumental chores, as well as the production and arrangements. Other musicians have been used sparingly but the richly textured Grand National sound is down to La and Rupert.

They only put together the 6 piece band this spring for the heavy touring they're doing, which is a surprise given the chemistry they have together on stage. It's also rare that you see that many people on stage who not only pull off a large sound where each member is crucial, but where they go beyond to a wall of sound and energy that is undeniable. Everyone in the room was moving - even my A&R friends were bobbing.

As if their intoxicating noise, upbeat flavor and catchy dance tunes weren't enough to make you move, they finished the set with their staple song "Playing In The Distance" which went into New Order's "Blue Monday" for just long enough to make even the doubters smile.

How can you not be enticed after that raving review? Go check them out already!

And that's news from NYC according to me.

Source: Nina Isabella

Live - New Yorkers Dance To Grand National... Yes, Dance