The Darkness Unveil The Identity Of New Bass Player

Stop the presses! The music world came to a halt today when The Darkness officially announced the identity of their new bass player. OK, so it isn’t that big of a news story, not even close, but it is interesting that the band picked guitarist Dan Hawkins’ guitar tech to replace the recently axed Frankie Poullain. Yeah dude, you were replaced by the guitar tech.

In a statement on the band’s official website, they said: “We are delighted to announce that a replacement for departed bassist Frankie Poullain has been chosen and The Darkness are now back to being a four-man rock machine. Inheriting Frankie's mantle will be Richie Edwards who, until now, has been guitarist Dan Hawkins' tech.’

The post continued: “After weeks of auditioning replacement bass players, Justin and Dan kept coming back to the man they had had in mind all along. No one else came close. Frankie Poullain, who is now pursuing other projects, was difficult to replace but Richie Edwards was the only man for the job.”

Our advice to the newbie bass player is to grow one hell of a mustache. In order to properly fill Poullain’s shoes, ya gotta have the ‘stache.

The Darkness Unveil The Identity Of New Bass Player