Live 8 Adds More Concerts, Brett Anderson Wants No Part Of It

For the first time ever, Damon Albarn and Brett Anderson actually agree on something. As mind boggling as this concept may seem, the two Britpop icons have both gone public with their disapproval of the upcoming Live 8 concerts.

Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) went public last week with his scathing comments regarding the motives behind the bands participating in the various Live 8 events. Anderson (Suede, The Tears) has recently made similar statements, calling the concerts a “complete waste of time.”

The Tears were rumored to be potential performers at the London Live 8 concert, but Anderson has quickly ended any speculation surrounding that possibility. In an interview with The Independent, he said: “They [those taking part] are really all just doing it to sell their own records, and market themselves. We haven't yet been asked to get involved, but if Bob Geldof did approach me, I'd tell him to fuck off." Harsh!

Even with the occasional splatter of negative publicity, Live 8 continues to get bigger with the announcement of three more concerts. Tokyo, Toronto and Johannesburg have been added to the already impressive list of locations hosting Live 8 events.

Live 8 Adds More Concerts, Brett Anderson Wants No Part Of It