Bob Mould Shoots Down Any Chance Of A Husker Du Reunion

With what seems like every legendary alternative band reuniting this year, Bob Mould is not giving in to peer pressure. While bands ranging from Gang Of Four to the Pixies have returned, we are not going to see a reuniting of the influential group Husker Du. Although it is obvious that a reunion would be financially lucrative, Mould told Billboard that such a move holds no interest to him whatsoever.

So why is the former Husker frontman being so resistant to a reunion? He said: “To me, that's just best left where it is. It was a period of my life that was great at the time. A lot of crazy things have been said and a lot of stupid things have been done. It's probably just best left where it is."

We may have no good news from Husker Du, but we do have a brand new Bob Mould record coming out soon. Body Of Song will hit stores on July 26 on Yep Rock Records. This marks his first full-length release since 2002, featuring a return to a full-band, guitar-heavy sound.

Head over to his official site for more info.

Bob Mould Shoots Down Any Chance Of A Husker Du Reunion