BRMC Back With New Label, Album, Sound

After a somewhat tumultuous split with Virgin records, with whom they released two critically acclaimed albums, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has resurfaced with a new album, a new record label and a brand new sound. Gone are the comparisons to Jesus & Mary Chain and the Stone Roses. On August 22, RCA Records will release Howl, 13 tracks of Americana bliss that incorporate traditional American musical elements like twang, blues, folk and soul. Written mostly on acoustic guitar, these new songs will attract an entirely new audience for BRMC, while hopefully not alienating their existing fan base. I have yet to hear the album for myself, but I completely respect this band for sticking to their guns and staying true to their own musical vision. If I was a band in the current music climate, I'd much rather fail or succeed on my own terms, and it seems that is precisely what BRMC has decided to do.

Track Listing:

01.   Shuffle Your Feet
02.   Howl
03.   Devil’s Waitin’
04.   Ain’t No Easy Way
05.   Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
06.   Fault Line
07.   Promise
08.   Weight of the World
09.   Restless Sinner
10.   Gospel Song
11.   Complication Situation
12.   Sympathetic Noose
13.   The Line

BRMC Back With New Label, Album, Sound