So Billy wants his band back. Well, Billy, I
want a pony but I don't see that happening anytime
soon. Just kidding, Billy, I really hope that happens
for you - and for us music fans because that would
be awesome. Yeah, I always dug The Smashing
Pumpkins (hell, "1979" was my senior class
song) and the musical skills of said Billy
Corgan. After a few stint experiences
(Zwan anyone?), Billy has returned to the
scene with his first solo album. The overall mood of
The Future Embrace is pretty dark and
possesses an eerie electronic feel a la Adore. Maybe it really should have been called
Adore Version 2.0; which really isn't a bad
thing in my opinion. As someone I work with told
me that if this were a debut by anyone other than
Billy Corgan then it would garnish more attention
better reviews. They were dead on. Don't get me
wrong, songs like "Mina Loy (M.O.H.)", and "DIA"
showcase the noisy ambient pop sounds that only
Billy could create; and are excellent I might add.
They also tower above the thinner sounding songs
like "The Camera Eye" and "Pretty, Pretty Star" that
sounds like they were created by that dude down
the hall from you in college on his dorm room
laptop - but in a good way. Then there are tracks
like "Sorrows (In Blue)" that take this atmospheric
genre and expand on it creating a shoegazing
sound reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Billy has always had a special talent of
songs like this that keep the listener on their toes;
placing irrelevant bass lines that are smashed up
next to disconnecting synth. Yet somehow he
makes it work. Very few people can get away with
that, and I am glad that Billy can.

Billy Corgan