The New Fellas

The Cribs are about to become your favorite band. I know this may sound a bit farfetched, but it will happen. Resisting their gritty musical charm will do you no good. The brothers three, Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman comprise The Cribs, and they are showing no mercy with their brand new album The New Fellas. This UK trio’s debut album oozed indie rock out of every sweaty pore, making what should have been a hipster’s wet dream. The Cribs have given the middle finger to these elitist music snobs, making them the targets of the opening track “Hey Scenesters!’ Skip ahead to “Martell” with its sing-along “Whoah-A-Oh Oh” chorus, which takes a few jabs at the music industry by calling them a “room fool of morons.” The Cribs make music on their own terms by not bowing down to the corporate music machine while wanting no part of a trendy scene. They are still the same booze-soaked punk-fueled popsters that we met on their debut album, mixing in bits of the Libertines, Supergrass, The Strokes and even a bit of Pavement into their musical cocktail. The album’s first four songs barely give you enough time to take a breath, cranking out twelve minutes of non-stop danceable rock. “Mirror Kissers” features one of the best pop hooks you will hear in 2005. The New Fellas also shows the band’s maturing songwriting on songs such as “We Can No Longer Cheat You” and “The Wrong Way To Be”. This is the album I knew they could make. Forget all the other over-hyped wankers that are more concerned with image than music. Forget which bands the PR firms tell you are cool. Grab a copy of The New Fellas for yourself and come to your own opinion. If you still enjoy a solid, fun rock album, you won’t be disappointed. They are easily poised to be the next big thing, with “Hey Scenesters!” and “Mirror Kissers” ready to rock the radio charts.
The Cribs have now emerged as one of the most exciting bands from the UK, so make sure you give this tasty album a listen.

The Cribs
Wichita Recordings/World's Fair Label Group

The New Fellas