The Magic Numbers

Remember the name. Write it down. Memorize it. They will soon become your life.

The Magic Numbers are two sets of siblings. The first pair are Romeo and Michelle Stodart, the lead singer/guitarist and bassist/backing vocalist, respectfully. They hail from west London via Trinidad (with a stop off in New York), and come from a musical family. Upon arriving in London, Romeo and Michelle hook up with Sean Gannon, who plays the drums, and his sister Angela, who sings and plays a wide variety of percussion and a tasteful melodica. Together, they create a musical energy that is timeless and classic, punchy and laid back. After the light and catchy "Forever Lost" lands with a splash, the band have come out with their first album.

Rarely does an album rise above the hype created for it. The Magic Number's self-titled debut absolutely crushes that hype. Classic track flows into another classic track, reminding listeners of decades past, when album oriented rock ruled supreme. Strong melodies are followed by strong harmonies. The beautiful "I See You, You See Me" explores an area that lies somewhere between The Mamas and The Papas, Van Morrison, Neil Young, and The Beautiful South, while the attention-grabbing opener "Mornings Eleven" hammers lines from another unknown and unreleased Beach Boys classic. "Don't Give Up The Fight" infuses Motown-like vocals over guitars that sound as if they were lifted from the original British Invasion.

But what sets The Magic Numbers apart is execution. Romeo Stodart sings soulfully, and when mixed with the equally soulful voice of Angela Gannon, it creates a presence not felt in music since Fleetwood Mac recorded a record called "Rumours", and when Michelle adds her third vocal, memories of The Free Design are bought to the forefront. The instrumentation, sparse at times but always meaningful, could not be any more perfect. All in all, The Magic Numbers is the best debut since The La's self-titled album.

It seems like high praise for a band you probably haven't heard of yet. That's why I'm saying it now. Remember The Magic Numbers. Write it down. Memorize it. They will soon become your life.

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers