Wedding Crashers Soundtrack Is Actually Really Good

By now, you've probably seen previews for the new Vince Vaughn/Owen Wison movie, The Wedding Crashers. A comedy about two guys who crash random weddings to "score chicks", the film will be in theaters July 15. Amazingly enough, this major motion picture soundtrack, which is due out the Tuesday prior to the film's release (July 12), is full of really good songs from some of today's best new bands. Two tracks, however, stand out above the others. These include Jimmy Eat World's "(Splash) Turn Twist", a B-side from their Bleed American (self-titled) album, and an exclusive new song from the Flaming Lips called "Mr. Ambulance Driver".

The music supervisor on this project hit the nail on the head here, with additional tracks from Bloc Party, Robbers On High Street, The Sounds, The Sights, Rilo Kiley and Spoon, to name a few. Check out the full track listing below.

01. Death Cab For Cutie - "The Sound Of Settling"
02. Robbers On High Street - "Love Underground"
03. The Weakerthans - "Aside"
04. Jimmy Eat World - "(Splash) Turn Twist"
05. Spoon - "Sister Jack"
06. Guster - "I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today"
07. Mungo Jerry - "In The Summertime"
08. Bloc Party - "This Modern Love"
09. The Sounds - "Rock 'N Roll"
10. Flaming Lips - "Mr. Ambulance Driver"
11. The Sights - "Circus"
12. The Long Winters - "Cinnamon"
13. Rilo Kiley - "More Adventurous"
14. Isley Brothers - "Shout (Matter Music Remix)"
15. Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson & The Klezmer Juice Band - "Hava Nagilah"

Wedding Crashers Soundtrack Is Actually Really Good