KEXP Releases Their First Compilation

With commercial alternative radio slowing becoming extinct like the dinosaurs, the masses are slowly starting to branch out and find other methods of getting new and good music. With this, Noncommercial stations are finally getting some well-deserved praise. Yes, they have always provided the listener with audio treats; but now more than ever people seem to be relying on their presence in each community. One of these stations is Seattle’s KEXP.

On August 23 KEXP will be releasing their first ever compilation (much like KCRW has done in the past) that boasts the cream of the crop of live performances the station has hosted in their studio. The CD will only be available through KEXP’s site and in local Seattle stores. Be sure and pick it up, you might discover something you didn’t know about, or have another take at one of your favorite artists.

Live at KEXP Vol. 1
01. Sea Ray - "Revelry"
02. The Shins - "Kissing the Lipless"
03. The Stills - "Still in Love Song"
04. Belle & Sebastian - "If She Wants Me"
05. Ben Lee - "No Right Angles"
06. Alexi Murdoch - "Breathe"
07. Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Never Too Late"
08. Sonic Youth - "Unmade Bed"
09. Citizen Cope - "Bullet and a Target"
10. The Blue Scholars - "Blink"
11. AIR - "Venus"
12. The Flaming Lips - "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt.1"
13. Joseph Arthur - "Honey and the Moon"
14. My Morning Jacket - "The Way That He Sings"
15. Snow Patrol - "Wow"
16. Interpol - "PDA"
17. Bobby Bare Jr. - "I'll Be Around"
18. Rilo Kiley - "More Adventurous"
19. Benjamin Gibbard - "Recycled Air"

KEXP Releases Their First Compilation