Liam Gallagher Dreams Of Live 8

It is so difficult not to love Liam Gallagher. In a recent interview with Canada’s Chart Magazine, our beloved Liam explained that he would have actually considered signing up to perform at Live 8 just to piss off Robbie Wiliams. Oasis is already performing on July 2 in Manchester, but Liam said he has dreamed of humiliating his old rival at the benefit concert.

In typical Gallagher style, he said: “Y'know why I'd love to do that gig. First of all, it's f*cking awareness and all that stuff. I just love to go on and do four f*cking songs and really f*cking rip it up. Come in and f*cking bang it with f*cking four of your classics. And then walk off, and f*cking flick Robbie Williams in the eye and say: ‘Follow that you dick!’" Yes Liam, the Live 8 concerts are for “f*cking awareness and all that stuff.” Well said.

In case you were counting:
Total F-Bombs = 6

Liam Gallagher Dreams Of Live 8