Bloc Party Works On New Album, Loses Identity?

Ah, the British press. I love how they bring everything to a “crisis” level. This week, Bloc Party is in the spotlight. In a recent interview with band conducted by BBC News, front man Kele spoke quite candidly regarding the pressures of touring, getting their next album written and losing his identity. Yes, the boys have been on tour nonstop in the US and overseas so I am sure that tensions are high and the pressure of a sophomore album are second to none. In fact, the guys have a solid touring schedule set until this coming December.

Regarding the new album Kele said, "We're making time, we're jamming stuff during sound checks, we're recording our sound checks and I listen to them a lot. We haven't really got any time off between now and the end of the year, and we kind of want to write a new record. We're going to be recording our new record at the start of next year, to be finished at the middle of next year."

When it comes to what this pressure has done to them Kele stated, "To be honest I feel less British, I feel less confident about saying that I'm a British person, I'm never at home, so it doesn't feel like home anymore."

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Bloc Party Works On New Album, Loses Identity?