CMJ Music Marathon Panels And Artists Announced

It is getting close to that time of year again – the time where noncommercial radio shines (now more than ever) and millions of kids swarm to the seedy underbelly of New York City’s music scene to check out that cool imported artist, learn some info on panels, and partake in parties. Yes, I am talking about the CMJ Music Marathon. This year the marathon will take place from September 14-17, 2005 at the Lincoln Center.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the event. Bobby Haber, CEO of CMJ, stated, "Even with all the changes in the music business, there's been one constant for us over 25 years and that's been the amazing quality of new artists that have been discovered or have blossomed at CMJ Music Marathon. And this year's crop is shaping up to be one of the best ever."

Some of the artists and panels have been listed as of this morning, so be sure and check them out below. Oh yeah, and remember that midnight tonight is the next deadline to register and save 45%. Check out for more info.

Artists Confirmed Thus Far
The Arcade Fire
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Juan Maclean
John Vanderslice
Nouvelle Vague
Of Montreal
The Hold Steady
Against Me!
Wolf Parade
Mary Timony
Tim Fite
Hot Chip
Devin Davis
Arctic Monkeys
Wolf Mother
Cut Copy
The Oranges Band
Motion City Soundtrack
The Honorary Title
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic
Chad VanGaalen
Alan Sparhawk
The Morning After Girls
The Talk
People In Planes
Grand Buffet
The Wrens
The Giraffes
Nashville Pussy
The Epoxies
Jessie Diamond and the Thousand
The Big Huge
The Firebird Band
Big Business
Parts & Labor
Icarus Line
William Elliot Whitmore
Eric Bachmann
The Rosebuds
Elevator Action
The Rakes
Receiving End Of Sirens
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Amusement Parks On Fire
Need New Body
Youth Group
The Gossip
The Kingsbury Manx
Rogue Wave
Robbers On High Street
Dr. Dog
Funeral For A Friend
Snatches of Pink
The Mae Shi
The Makers
Early Man
Her Space Holiday
Black Forest Black Sea
The Witnesses
Gore Gore Girls
Fruit Bats
Sex Slaves
The Dix
Nightmare Of You
James Blunt
Dennison Whitmer
Jessica Dobson
Oxford Collapse
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Kind of Like Spitting
The Robot Ate Me
The Numbers
Goblin Cock
Jim Yoshi Pileup
Tenement Halls
Annie Hayden
Pony Up!
A Gun Called Tension
Lion Fever
Das Oath
Pilot To Gunner
The Kingdom
The Comas
The Standard
American Princes
The Cities
Alternative Champs
Emperor X
Langhorne Slim
The Mobius Band
Hockey Night
The Dollylrots
The Reputation
Troubled Hubble
Bling Kong
Psychic Paramount
Sleeping People
Coptic Light
Jeff Klein
B.C. Camplight
Without Gravity
The Sammies
Pit Er Pat
Head of Femur
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Cameron McGill
Catfish Haven
Le Concorde
Dirty Perfect
Billy Nayer Show
Edie Sedgwick
Singapore Sling
Dirty On Purpose
Face Tomorrow
Blood and Time
The Soviettes
Dressy Bessy
Head of Femur
World/Inferno Friendship Society
The Heavenly States
The King of France
The Blue Van
The Plastic Constellations
Walking Concert
Cary Brothers
Man Man
Kaki King
The Navigators... and many more to be announced.

Emotional Baggage Goes Gold
Artists discuss the delicate and often heart-wrenching task of writing songs about their own life experiences.

Under the Influence: Hot New Songwriters and the Legends Who Influenced Them
Up-and-coming stars go head to head with the legends that have influenced them to discuss how and why those influences have had such a lasting impact on their art.

Image or Ego: Making Your Schtick Stick
At what point does your look or creative strategy shift from unique to gimmicky? Can you make a schtick work? Artists who have made their marks by being outré discuss the fine line between concept and gimmick with the industry hot-shots responsible for marketing them.

Don't Call It a Comeback
Artists who continue to rock after all these years discuss career longevity and what you need to do to make that 15 minutes of fame last.

Do or DIY
Writer and singer, Daylle Deanna Schwartz discusses her new book, I Don't Need A Record Deal !, a guide to surviving the indie music revolution/renaissance, with the artists, producers, agents and label execs who inspired her.

Universal Health Scare: Social Services for Struggling Musicians
Without affordable health or dental plans, where can an artist or a struggling music industry entrepreneur turn for help? Our panel of experts offers prescriptions for care within your budget.

All I Wanted Was a Pepsi: Why And How To Secure a Sponsorship Deal
Are the demands of your rider making it tough to get gigs? Do you spend too much time and money schlepping your kit from club to club? Is your favorite monitor totally out of your price range? An endorsement deal may solve your problems. Find out the best places and ways to try to find one, what to expect from your sponsor and what your sponsor will expect from you, and how to make the most of your deal.

You Got to Pray Just to Make it Today
From Kurtis Blow's hip-hop church services in Harlem to Reverend Run and Christian Rap, panelists discuss how hip-hop is making its way onto the pulpit and why it's happening now.

Rave Act Redux: Underground Music and the Law in 2005
The Rave Act of 2002 and The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2003 changed the face of the underground electronic music scene. Two years later, where has it left electronic music parties and what do promoters need to know about the relationship between underground music and the law?

Aestheticizing Noise
Now that it's everywhere, how do you decide whether a piece of noise-rock is good or bad? Is it what went into it? What comes out? Or does even having this argument destroy the music's fundamentally anarchic nature?

All Mixed Up: The Great Mixtape Debate
Since Grandmaster Flash scratched his way out of the Bronx into American music history, mixtapes have been an essential part of getting a DJ's sound out on the street. But as record sales plummet and the music business attempts to reconcile copyright and royalty challenges brought about by booms in digital technology, the RIAA is growing wary and more stringent, leading to the arrest of retail clerks and manufacturers alike. How will the RIAA, retailers and DJ's reconcile
the issue? CMJ asks some of the key players to take a stab at it.

Hard Times for Hardcore?
With bands that are often too hard for the Radio 200 and not loud enough for metal, where's does hardcore fit on the radio charts? Why can't radio find a place for a genre that does so well in retail and live performance?

Kind of New: Reinvigorating the Jazz Repertoire
Old ideas about improvisation meet new players weaned on electronica, rock and hip-hop. Though the results are drawing younger crowds, some detractors are crying bastardization of the form. But is there really any point in ascribing a genre tag to this music? More importantly, what does it SOUND like? The critics have had their say--it's time for the artists to chime in.

A&R Reality Check: What Your Friends Won't Tell You
Top-notch A&R execs evaluate your demos! Submit your demo to the designated drop-box (stay tuned for location details) and cross your fingers as a panel of A&R gurus explains why they would, wouldn't or just might consider signing your band.

The Real World: How to Promote your Band for under $500, Under $1500 or Under $5000
In three customized discussions, marketing, publicity, radio promo and financial folks dissect a budget and present the optimum ways of spending your dough to get your record on store shelves, promoters' desks and radio stations' playlists for whatever money your piggy back will allow.

Digital Underground: New Charts for New Times
How relevant are radio spins anymore? Learn what's on the horizon for tracking non-traditional music plays, from podcasts to Ringtones, and how you can use translate this data to best promote your artist or band.

A step-by-step primer to getting your music placed in film, TV and commercials.

Break it in the Blogosphere
Internet radio, podcasts and blogs are the new 'zines, and you'd better damn well know how to navigate 'em. Our panel of experts reveal the best methods of breaking big news in mini-media.

Start Me Up: Funding and Running Your Own Music Business
Join execs from successful startups, VCs/private equity firms, and financial planners as they discuss obtaining funding, minimizing risk, building a client base and getting your company off the ground.

The Hit Factory: What Ever Happened to Artist Development?
This past spring Bono used the occasion of U2's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to ask the music business some tough questions about hit-making v. artist development. Since no one at the gala stood up to respond to his query, CMJ grabs the torch and hunts for answers.

Art Attack
A discussion of the intersection of art, design and new music, including career path options for artists who want to combine their interest in music with skills in the visual arts.

Indies Unite
When Impala, Europe's coalition of indie labels, filed an appeal to overturn the Sony-BMG merger late last year, U.S. indies began to ask why isn't there a similar coalition of indies stateside. On June 8, A2IM was born to address just such indie interests. What does the new group plan to do, what are its goals and what do Sony and BMG have to say about it?

Behemoth Buyers: Monster Retailers Explained
More CDs are being sold at Starbucks than ever. What's the deal and can you make Starbucks and the other behemoths work for you?

A Little Somethin'-Somethin': Do Album Extras Increase Sales?
Dual Discs, remixes, videos, games, concert tickets...what's being added to CDs to make them more appealing to consumers and which ones actually work?

Moving Targets: New Venues for Festivals and Concerts
Touring festivals, jam band cruises, parties on piers: producers of some of the hottest festivals discuss the logistics, advantages and disadvantages of producing shows in non-traditional venues.

Credibility in Criticism: Responsibilities of the Music Media in the Age of Blogs and MP3s
Journalists face a new set of ethical and legal responsibilities in the technology age. Just because your feature or review doesn't appear in the New York Times , it doesn't mean you can flub the facts. Our panel of experts discusses the importance of fact-checking, balanced coverage and abiding by copyright laws related to MP3s, blogs, and the murky distinctions between amateur and professional journalism.

Music Photojournalism 101
Seasoned photographers break down the challenges of freelancing, sourcing alternative revenue streams, understanding wire services, and the ever-present ego of starlet subjects, in a fundamental discussion of the art of photographing musicians.

The FCC Won't Let Me Be: Legal Issues Facing Non-Commercial Radio
With the proposed Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, non-commercial stations face tighter restrictions on what they can say and higher fines for breaking the rules. Panelists discuss the controversial bill and other key legal issues facing non-commercial radio.

Specialty Show How-To's
Specialty shows continue to make an ever-greater impact on the discovery and development of emerging artists. Our specialty radio execs explore the phenomenon and ponder where the format goes from here. .

Broadcast News: Music Journalists and Music Documentarians
The focus here is on programming and producing music news and documentaries: how to fund your work, get your stories out there and the probable potholes you many encounter on your music journalism journey.

Where's My Favorite Radio Station?
With WHFS, Y100 and other alt-rock staples getting kicked off the broadcast airwaves, what radio outlets for new music remain other than college radio? LOTS. How are the few remaining heritage stations faring, what's being done to protect them from sudden death and what's new on the satellite, internet and FM radio horizon?

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About CMJ: Rev. Moose Pulls Back the Curtain
CMJ New Music Report's Editor-in-Chief Rev. Moose draws on years of experience in the world of college radio to show how everything works, from charts to promotions to news and reviews. Loaded questions welcome.

The Broadcast Radio Shuffle - Jack Gold or Jack S#!t
The radio version of putting your iPod on shuffle has been harnessed by broadcast outlets nationwide with NYC's legendary oldies station WCBS-FM the latest victim of the new Jack format's forward march. What does this formless format mean for the radio industry? Can the art of programming possibly be saved? Does anyone care?

Mad Scientists on the Mic: Inventors' Show and Tell
Musical inventors demonstrate their creations, explain how they built them and talk about the business of custom-making instruments.

Gettin' Busy In the Bedroom: Home Recording How-To
These days, all you need besides a band is a Mac and breakout box. Panelists give the lay of the land in the best free or cheap software, plug-ins and gear plus a crash course in reaping the untapped sterling sound quality from your basement apartment.

What's Awareness Worth?
Is it enough to just to raise awareness or can artists and the music industry do more? Last year, a month before the presidential election, we explored musicians' activities in the political arena. Given the ultimate outcome, what's awareness worth?

How a City Becomes a Scene
From Austin to Montreal, what factors make or break a hip music scene?

Playing the Race Card: How do artists, music media and retailers acknowledge the role of race in music?
Panelists discuss the sensitive but important topic of marketing genres traditionally associated with particular religions, races or ethnicity: what's being done to break down barriers? How can DJs and critics encourage progressive thinkin
g among their audiences? What traps do labels and retailers risk falling into regarding racial demographic/psychographic targeting?

Questionable Lyrics: How Far Is Too Far?
"The Whisper Song" and "Pull My Hair" are the latest contenders in the forever debate about lyrics crossing the line. Are the lyrics violently misogynistic or tongue-in-cheek? Or are they simply crass hyperbole? Our panel of critics debate.

Internet Agents: Linking New Media with "Old" Media Professionals
Agents for new media professionals link writers with websites, MP3 bloggers with MP3's and license trailers and video content for the Web. Find out why you need their help, what they cost and where to find them.

The Podcast Compass
With podcasting comes a whole new set of responsibilities for the music industry: should a compulsory license be instituted? What other devices are currently being developed that will transmit music files? Who is making sure artists get paid when their songs are podcast and at what point, if any, should these transmissions be free? Our panel of experts debates the web of issues tied up in the latest frontier of entertainment distribution.

College Day
Friday at Alice Tully Hall is dedicated to one of CMJ's core constituencies: the men and women of college radio. A full day of college-oriented panels and band performances gives station reps a chance to meet and mingle while learning more about their biz.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
Time marches on without a net--well, not really. As technology continues to speed along, the law is trying to catch up, and the race has brought intellectual property to the Supreme Court's doorstep. This CLE course will bring you up to speed on the important arena of intellectual property law, from the historical establishment and use of rights to today's untamed wireless entertainment universe.

International Music Managers' Forum
Music managers from around the world convene at CMJ to network, pool resources and talk shop over a series of panels that educate would-be and professional managers alike.

CMJ Music Marathon Panels And Artists Announced