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Me Myself and Me

June 30, 2005

You’ve always known us to be big supporters of shameless self-promotion, which is why we traipsed through the wild muggy night to Sweet and Vicious for a party to celebrate the release of Me magazine issue #4, starring our cousin Hisham Bharoocha.

For each issue, the cover star fills the pages of the mag with his or her peoples in an attempt to showcase the cult of personality. Lucky, HB’s posse includes some people you actually want to read about, in all their multicolored glory, chatting about love, life and tuna burgers - and shot by the cover star hisself. The party last night was pretty much those pages in 3D, which led us to thinking: instead of coffee table art mags, maybe someone should start selling their posse for an evening’s entertainment. Any takers?

Me Myself and Me