Gavin Rossdale Relaunches Career With Institute

So where oh where did our little Gavy go? I am not sure if his wifey Gwen Stefani actually calls Gavin Rossdale a pet name, but for some reason Gavy just sounds like something she’d come up with. Holla back Gavy! Anyways, Rossdale is back with a new band. Institute will be releasing their debut album, Distort Yourself, on September 13. According to Silent Uproar the album was produced by Page Hamilton (Helmet), which could make for an interesting collaboration. If you want a sample of Institute, click over to their official website to preview the first single, titled “Bullet-Proof Skin.” The single will also appear on the movie soundtrack for Stealth, which hits theaters on July 29.

Distort Yourself
01. “Bullet-Proof Skin”
02. “Animals Attack”
03. “Come on Over”
04. “Information Age”
05. “Wasteland”
06. “Boombox”
07. “Seventh Wave”
08. “Heat of Your Love”
09. “Ambulances”
10. “Secrets & Lies”
11. “Mountains”
12. “Save the Robots”

Gavin Rossdale Relaunches Career With Institute