Ladytron Speaks Out On New Album

A few years ago I thought Ladytron was going to make it big – songs like “Seventeen” off their last LP, Light & Magic, showed big promises of a brighter future. Then the unhappy news came of their label over here going away right around the same time as they were to have a new EP come out. Needless to say it is good to see that Ladytron are still working away at new material and already have a September release set for Witching Hour the UK.

The new single, “Sugar”, is currently making waves across the pond. In an exclusive with XFM Reuben Wu and Helen Marnie spoke out on the new album. “This album has definitely been more fun to make than the other two,” Wu said. “It’s also the most collaborative we’ve worked as writers and producers. Just being able to work with more equipment and being able to learn if you put 'this' through a pedal and put 'this' through a pedal it’ll sound amazing. You use that knowledge to produce the songs from square one. We feel a bit wiser than a few years ago.”

Regarding the new single “Sugar”, Marnie explained, “A lot of people hear it and think we have gone guitar, and it’s like, well, no it’s just a very heavy synths track. We did a cover of ‘Oops Oh My’ and when we were mixing it the engineers were saying, ‘Bring the guitars up in the mix’ and there were no guitars, they were just treated synths. It doesn’t matter what you use to produce your sound. Like with Can – you can’t tell whether it’s kitchen pans or whatever because you’ve treated it so heavily. It’s just a waveform.” Marnie continued, “It feels like a long break, so it’s kind of like we’re doing it for the first time again, but it’s good to be able to start playing the songs live again. We finished our album in September but we were able to go to China to tour, which was a really good thing for us because we were able to test our new songs. It was weird going over there because the crowds varied from quite normal gigs in cosmopolitan cities near Hong Kong to gigs further inland where no one knew any of the songs. We thought, ‘They don’t know any better, we might as well test stuff out on you!’"

Will the stateside see a release of Witching Hour in the future? Check out for more info.

Ladytron Speaks Out On New Album