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Bloc Party Begin Work On Next Album

Although Bloc Party’s debut album Silent Alarm is still a top favorite in hipsters’ iPods from coast to coast, the group is already eyeing their next release. Producer Paul Epworth has been working with the band at Jacobs Studios in Farhnham, Surrey, which will result in a new single for October.

In an interview with guitarist Russell Lissack on XFM, he explained: “We went into the studio last week, just for a week, to record a new single for October. We’ve recorded two [possible] songs but we still need to mix them and finish them, so we’re not sure which one’s going to be the single just yet. One’s called ‘Hero’ and one’s called ‘Two More Years’. And then we’re going to try and pop into the studio for another week or two throughout the year to try and get more songs done.”

As for the new album, he said: “It is gonna be bigger and better, to not use any good adjectives. It’s hard to say because things sound differently from when we’re just working on them on stage to how they sound when they’re finally recorded. The first album were young ideas and hopefully this is going to be bigger, more developed ideas.”

Bloc Party Begin Work On Next Album