Sonic Youth To Release Deluxe-Edition Goo

With the flood of reissues that are being released at a record pace, it is refreshing to see at least one worthy of the deluxe edition treatment. Sonic Youth’s brilliant 1990 album Goo is now set for re-release with plenty of bonus cuts to make any fan excited. The format appears to be similar to the deluxe-edition of Dirty, featuring one disc of the full album and a second disc chopped full of outtakes, rarities, and plenty of other goodies. With a total of 31 tracks, this is one reissue that will be well worth the purchase!

Disc One
01. “Dirty Boots”
02. “Tunic (Song For Karen)”
03. “Mary-Christ”
04. “Kool Thing”
05. “Mote”
06. “My Friend Goo”
07. “Disappearer”
08. “Mildred Pierce”
09. “Cinderella's Big Score”
10. “Scooter and Jinx”
11. “Titanium Expose”
12. “Lee # 2”
13. “That's All I Know (Right Now)”
14. “The Bedroom”
15. “Dr. Benway's House”
16. “Tuff Boyz”

Disc Two
01. “Tunic”
02. “Number One (Disappearer)”
03. “Titanium Expose”
04. “Dirty Boots”
05. “Corky (Cinderella's Big Score)”
06. “My Friend Goo”
07. “Bookstore (Mote)”
08. “Animals (Mary-Christ)”
09. “DV 2 (Kool Thing)”
10. “Blowjob (Mildred Pierce)”
11. “Lee #2”
12. “I Know There's An Answer”
13. “Can Song”
14. “Isaac”
15. Goo Interview Flexi (promotional copies only)

Sonic Youth To Release Deluxe-Edition Goo