Grandaddy Completes New EP

It has been a little while since we have gotten a new batch of tunes from the California indie rock band Grandaddy. The group has been hard at work recording their follow-up to 2003’s poptastic Sumday and has also completed a separate EP.

Drummer Aaron Burtch posted a message on their official site, which said: “We’re finished with an EP to be released at a later date. It’s got six songs including an old, old one called ’Florida’ which some of the local fans will recognize from when we used to play it in town years ago.”

The EP will be titled Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla, which will feature eight songs that will not be included on the upcoming full-length. As for the album, he said: “It’s pretty much in its’ later stages and a big portion of it is completely tracked. There are a couple of songs that have yet to be recorded, but the songs that are done are sounding really fine.”

Excertpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla
01 “Pull the Curtains”
02 “At My Post”
03 “A Valley Son (Sparing)”
04 “Cinderland”
05 “Fuck the Valley Fudge”
06 “Florida”
07 “Goodbye?”
08 “Hidden Health Announcement”

Grandaddy Completes New EP