Live - Dinosaurs in the Park

Bands reuniting after years, even decades after breaking up has become a new trend, one I’ve grown more and more fond of because it affords my young ass the opportunity to see bands that were somewhat before my time. Band by band I’ve been ticking off the list of live shows I’d love to see that at one point seemed simply impossible, from Gang of Four to Echo & the Bunnymen to Dinosaur Jr. Although I have seen the great J Mascis hold it down solo style, it’s really no comparison to the magic that comes across when he and Lou Barlow get together on the same stage. Seeing them together at last really made my heart warm in glee.

Checking out the crowd, The Dinosaur Jr. audience seemed to be split into two factions. There were the older die-hard fans who spit out the lyrics and jumped around in spastic joy, loving it all but especially eating up the older tunes. On the other hand, there was the younger crew who had discovered the band later on during adolescent viewings of 120 minutes; it was pretty easy to differentiate between the two.

The band took stage and kicked off the set with “Gargoyle” before moving right in for the kill with one of the highlights of the show, “In A Jar.” J Mascis wailed through guitar solo after guitar solo after guitar solo swaying his long flowing silver locks. It was like watching indie metal. Dinosaur Jr. are so amazing in the way they blend ass-kicking, cutthroat solos with thoughtful, quirky love lyrics. In a band like this, each member is so important. With only 3 members, there’s really no one to cover up for you or to make you sound better. You pretty much have to kick it full speed without a hitch and Dinosaur Jr. did just that.

After a raging set, an encore was pretty much unavoidable, and we all had songs left that we wanted to hear. So, after a brief break and a few much needed swigs of water the band came back out to slam into “Just Like Heaven,” their Cure cover which was released as a single. Next they played one of their later hits, “Freak Scene.” Since the set consisted primarily of older songs off of the first record, these two helped to satiate my desire for more recent material. The band left the stage, but it wasn’t long before they came back out to play another 2 older songs before finally calling it a night. The band had given each faction the encore that they wanted and we all went home happy.

Source: Cara Heller

Live - Dinosaurs in the Park