The Potential Implosion Of Babyshambles

We kinda knew that Babyshambles had the possibility of falling to pieces, but we hoped it would at least happen after their album was released. The soap opera that is Pete Doherty continues to spiral out of control, making the future of the band and their record uncertain. After canceling the group’s UK tour, rumors popped up claiming that Doherty had fired the rest of the band.

The official explanation regarding the cancellation of the tour was that the band needed more time to work on their album. Tickets for a few of their UK shows are still on sale, so perhaps not all is lost.

According to NME, the other members of the group, including Drew McConnell, Adam Ficek and Pat Walden had not spoken to our beloved crack-addicted frontman, delaying completion of the record even further. It appears that the initial response to the single “Fuck Forever” wasn’t quite what they had hoped, so another producer was brought in to remix the track. Doherty wasn’t at the remix session, so now that version will most likely not see the light of day.

So what is the future of Babyshambles? Only time will tell.

The Potential Implosion Of Babyshambles