Live – Redwalls, Cribs, Kaiser Chiefs in Philadelphia

After a friend re-introduced me to The Cribs and how catchy their newest single is, I knew I had to catch them when they passed through town. After being poked and prodded by the security guards, I headed into the venue past fans begging me for my plus one to the sold out show.

The first band to take stage was The Redwalls which sound like a mixture of Oasis and The Mooney Suzuki. Looking fashionably cute, the Redwalls started off the night with songs such as “Robinson Crusoe”, “Falling Down” and the slower-paced “Thank You.”

Second up was The Cribs set, which displayed the perfection of rock at it’s finest: beer and blood. Their set was seamless and hard hitting the entire way through. The songs "Hey Scenesters" and "Just Another Number" poured out of the speakers while sweaty fans danced along, swaying to the catchy melodies.

Drummer, Ross Jarman, was intensely beating the shit out of his drums and standing up to play the set at times. After breaking a snare drum, vocalist/guitarist Ryan and vocalist/bassist Gary broke out into an impromptu cover of the Shirelle's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" while someone ran on stage to replace it.

You seriously need to see the Cribs live. Guitarist/vocalist Ryan Jarman was again bleeding from the lower lip not even three songs into their set. While later interviewing them, Ryan explained that he had badly split his lip while in Europe one night and he never got the proper stitches. Ever since then, his lip has just been splitting open during performances most likely due to smacking it against the mic.

He doesn't do it on purpose and it's not just a gimmick. Yet when I asked why he still had blood all over his face like 20 minutes after their set he told me that people tell him it makes him look more like a rock star. And then added, "Maybe I'm just keeping it on to impress you."

As I was walking from behind the backstage into the crowd after my Cribs interview, it was already midway through the Kaiser Chiefs’ set. It was obvious the majority of the audience was there to see them. Everyone from teenage hipsters to the married men shouted every word to catchy songs such as “I Predict a Riot” and “Na na na na naa.” At one point lead singer Ricky Wilson jumped off the stage down into the crowd. It was a perfect set to end the night of alcohol, sweat, blood and music rocking the way its supposed to.

Source: Christine Ernest

Live – Redwalls, Cribs, Kaiser Chiefs in Philadelphia