Gang Of Four Record New Album, Sort Of

Since all the cool bands today are trying to sound like them anyway, dance/rock originators Gang Of Four have recorded their own "new" album to show all the kiddies how its done. Called Return The Gift, the album will be the first new recording from the band's original line-up - Jon King, Andy Gill, Hugo Burnham, and Dave Allen - in over 20 years. However, it's more of a re-recording of the band's classic hits than an actual new album.

Fourteen tracks in all, Return The Gift will be released through V2 Records on October 11. In the US, the album will be released as a single disc with a second disc of remixes also available for purchase. In the UK, they get a double-disc that will include the re-recorded classics and remix disc combined. The US and UK will share some remixes, but each will also have its own exclusive content as well.

Return The Gift Track Listing:

1. "To Hell With Poverty"
2. "Damaged Goods"
3. "Natural's Not In It"
4. "Not Great Men"
5. "Why Theory?"
6. "Anthrax"
7. "Paralysed"
8. "What We All Want"
9. "Ether"
10. "He'd Send in the Army"
11. "Capital"
12. "I Love A Man In A Uniform"
13. "At Home He's A Tourist"
14. "We Live As We Dream, Alone"

Gang Of Four Record New Album, Sort Of