Timo Maas Releases Pictures

On August 23 Timo Maas will be releasing his second album, Pictures, on Ultra Records. The new album was recorded in his Hannover studio with Martin Buttrich over the last few years. There will be a host of guest vocalists on the new album. In addition to Brian Molko (Placebo) laying down vocals on three tracks, Kelis, Neneh Cherry, and Rodney P will also be featured on the new LP. Regarding the new record and the state of his music, Timo Maas said, "We made the necessary progression to make our sound more 2005. Now there are more rock influences, hip-hop influences and more alternative stuff. It's important to prove that dance music can be pushed into new directions". For more information on Timo Maas, check out the official site.

Tracklisting for Pictures:
01. “Slip In Electro Kid”
02. “Pictures” (w/ Brian Molko of Placebo)
03. “First Day” (w/ Brian Molko of Placebo)
04. “High Drama” (w/ Neneh Cherry)
05. “Enter My World”
06. “4 Ur Ears” (w/ Kelis)
07. “Release” (w/ Rodney P.)
08. “Big Chevy”
09. “Devli Feel”
10. “Burn Out”
11. “Like Siamese” (w/ Brian Molko of Placebo)
12. “Haven't We Met Before”

Timo Maas Releases Pictures