New Supergrass In Late September

OK Britpop fans… new Supergrass will be in our hands very soon. Their new album, titled Road To Rouen, will hit stores in the US on September 27 on Capitol Records. Musically, the album marks a departure for the band, as they expanded their instrumentation to include a zither, ukulele, brass, strings, and a drum machine identical to the one used by Sly & The Family Stone.

The video for the first single, “St. Petersburg”, is now available online here. If this single is any indication of the sound of the rest of Road To Rouen, we are in for a treat!

Road To Rouen
01. “Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 &6)”
02. “St. Petersburg”
03. “Sad Girl”
04. “Roxy”
05. “Coffee In The Pot”
06. “Road To Rouen”
07. “Kick In The Teeth”
08. “Low C”
09. “Fin”

New Supergrass In Late September