Op-Ed: Go Spitzer! Sue 'Em, Sue 'Em All!

Stopping Payola is a waste of time and taxes? Hmm... you must be thinking of the Drug War. Yes, our tax dollars are wasted on moronic projects on a daily basis.

I live in DC, where they close hospitals for lack of funds then say, "HEY! Let's build a NEW BASEBALL STADIUM!". Sure, there's more important issues to tackle in this country. Poverty, Education, Election Fraud, you name it. But this lawsuit against the labels? I fucking LOVE IT!! SPEND AWAY MISTER SPITZER!!! Sue 'em...sue 'em all!!! Do it in the name of the people, who according to the FCC charter (or something like that) OWN the airwaves (HA)!! Can I send you one hundred bucks to help the cause? I'll tell you what Mister Spitzer... If you file suit against Clear Channel or Infinity to boot, I'll personally send you and one of your staff members to see Creed at the House of Blues, with limo transportation to and from the airport, the ENTIRE Creed catalog on CD, a Paul Reed Smith guitar signed by Mark Tremonti and a year's supply of razors and baby oil so your chest can look just like Scott Stapp's! Just be caller nine this weekend whenever you hear Creed! What? Creed broke up? FUCK!! SUE 'EM FOR THAT TOO!!!! Sue 'em for every shitty tax write off band they ever signed, sue 'em for CRAZYTOWN, sue em for being so stupid they tried to stop file sharing when they should have been figuring out what Apple eventually did. After you sue 'em, take 'em on Judge Joe Brown or Texas Justice for good measure! I want them humiliated too!

OK, joking aside, I agree the payola suits won't make radio any better. They won't make the labels any better either. Both industries are sick, old and gasping for air. The only thing consumers can hope is that these lawsuits and fines add up to one more nail in the coffin of an outdated MODEL that has placed commerce before art and cares less and less about content and more and more and more about money. Hit 'em in the wallet Mr. Spitzer, it's the only thing the suits running these companies really understand or care about anyway. My only complaint about this right now is that I don't' pay New York taxes. At least I could feel like my money was going towards a cause I believed in. Hey, any chance the $8 toll I pay to cross the Verazano every time my band goes to Brooklyn to record our indie album that will never get played on the radio might end up in Spitzer's coffer? God, I hope so.

Source: Randy Scope

Op-Ed: Go Spitzer! Sue 'Em, Sue 'Em All!