Editorial: You Say You Want A Revolution?

Where is the movement today? Who are the voices?

It dawned upon me this morning that there is no person or voice out there that can help lead the people or at least encourage and remind the people that they have the power. This is, after all, a democracy and as proven in the past, voicing our outrage and concern is at the very least, our right.

Forget the emailed petitions that are forwarded. I am talking about a visible figure who can use their power or celebrity to encourage people to take action. Where are the Abbie Hoffmans and Jerry Rubins? There are things happening in this world that well, just ain’t right. Our kids are dying in Iraq everyday. The president’s chief of staff is lying and leaking. Billions of dollars and countless man hours are spent on the space program which proved yesterday to be a complete waste and the planet is beginning to rely too much on technology.

Where is the youth today? Stuck behind fucking computers. Far gone are the days where kids will get up off their lazy asses and come together in an organized movement - physically gather and be an intelligent voice to draw attention to some issues. Kent State, as tragic as it was, opened everyone’s eyes to what the hell Nixon was doing with his war and government. Students protested for days. Long gone are freedom rallies like the one in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1971 that Lennon, Ginsberg and others organized to help free political liberation symbol John Sinclair. He was in prison on a 10 year sentence for marijuana possession and Lennon wrote a song about him. After KENT STATE, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young wrote the song “Ohio” to capture and pay tribute to the four victims as well as ignite the unified voices of young Americans everywhere.

There is too much complacency. The kids need to put down the fucking video games and get out of the chat rooms and realize the importance of their voice.

They can make a difference. We can make a difference.

Editorial: You Say You Want A Revolution?