Good Records Expands Their Roster With Pilotdrift

When most people hear the name Good Records, The Polyphonic Spree or the awesome record store in Dallas come to mind. Now, the little label that is owned by Tim Delaughter and Julie Doyle is expanding their family to include Pilotdrift. The label has already released the past two Polyphonic Spree albums and two seven inch records from Tripping Daisy/Centromatic and The Polyphonic Spree/Grandaddy. Hailing from Texarkana, Texas, Pilotdrift just finished mastering their debut for the label titled Water Sphere. The record will be released September 20. For more information on Good Records and Pilotdrift visit their sites.
Good Records

Pilotdrift Water Sphere:
01. “Caught In My Trap”
02. “Bubblecraft”
03. “Passenger Seat”
04. “Late Night In A Wax Museum”
05. “Jeckyll And Hyde Suite”
06. “Elephant Island”
07. “Rings Of Symbols”
08. “Comets (Instrumental)”
09. “So Long”

Good Records Expands Their Roster With Pilotdrift