Edwyn Collins Takes First Steps After Brain Surgery

Edwyn Collins has had a rough ride throughtout 2005. Earlier this year he was admitted to a hospital, during which he suffered from two brain hemorrhages. After his brain surgery he contracted the MRSA bug when a surgical scar became infected.

Despite all of this, the ex-Orange Juice singer has been on the road to recovery, and has finally taken his first steps since this ordeal began. His wife and manager Gracie Maxwell has kept his fans up to speed on his condition via Collins’ official website. She recently posted: “He took his first steps in recent times. Wonderful stuff. And he's a bit cheerier because he gets home for good in three weeks."

Collins’ name has popped up several times on various records this year, including producer credits on The Cribs' sophomore record The New Fellas as well as the single version of Son And Daughters’ “Dance Me In”.

In related news, Domino is releasing a collection of Orange Juice’s early recordings next week titled The Glasgow School. Make sure you grab a copy on Tuesday! Click here for more information.

Edwyn Collins Takes First Steps After Brain Surgery