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The Luxury Of Time

Shelby is the latest act to come from the New York based Gigantic Music. The Luxury of Time, the bands debut CD, is already starting to make waves with everyone from Billboard and The New York Times all the way to normal people's blogs. Although the main duo of Kenny Cummings and Phil Schuster have created impressive resumes from the past (working in various ways with Blonde Redhead and Swervedriver) the band totally holds their own and has the potential to go really far. For starters, rich melodies, soaring vocals, and guitar/violin driven music is what makes them stand out. The use of these instruments is what is key in making Shelby sound like they do. Case in point -- "Modify Myself" starts off as a crunchy indie rock song with longing vocals, and then about three minutes later the tone changes and the listener is greeted with a more throwback New Order type sound highlighting the use of keyboards, violin, and Kenny's same pitch perfect vocals. The next track, "Marigolds", is another fantastic song that sounds like it could be something that Peter Murphy would have written during his solo career. "Blue Becomes You" and "Green Eyes" are two more highlights that are not to be missed. I must be honest though, while I am partial to a lot of the tracks, the first song, "The Golden Boy", is what initially caught my attention from the get go. Yes, the anthem style sing-along chorus helps, but so does the rolling drumbeats and balls to the wall noisy guitar. Also, in case you haven't heard, Shelby is one of those bands that need to be experienced live. Their sets are perfectionist tight, musicianship is amazing, and the sheer volume of sound that these guys produce is second to none. (August 14 is their next show at Scenic in NYC).

Gigantic Music

The Luxury Of Time