Final Details On Pixies Sell Out Being Made

In case you are the one person in America that hasn’t seen one of the dates from the reunion tour for The Pixies, you are in luck. Even if you saw them six times (and I know there are some of you out there, ahem) then be sure and put a memo on your calendar for October 4. The reformed superstars are finalizing details for the release of their 2004 tour DVD, Pixies Sell Out. Rhino is releasing the DVD and most of the footage comes from their Belfort, France show on July 3, 2004. All of the bonus material is from various shows including Coachella, Voodoo Music Fest, T In The Park, and more.

Tracklisting for Pixies Sell Out:
"Bone Machine"
"Wave of Mutilation"
"In Heaven"
"Something Against You"
"River Euphrates"
"Bone Machine"
"Ed Is Dead"
"I Bleed"
"Monkey Gone to Heaven"
"Levitate Me"
"Gouge Away"
"Mr. Grieves"
"Crackity Jones"
"Broken Face"
"Isla De Encanta"
"Here Comes Your Man"
"The Holiday Song"
"Where Is My Mind?"
"Wave of Mutilation"

Bonus performances:
"Caribou" (Coachella)
"Here Comes Your Man" (Move)
"Debaser" (T in the Park)
"Gigantic" (Coachella)
"U-Mass" (Lowell, Mass.)
"Crackity Jones" (Fuji Rock)
"Nimrod's Son" (Fuji Rock)
"The Holiday Song" (Fuji Rock)
"Subbacultcha" (Austin, Texas)
"Vamos" (Austin, Texas)
"No. 13 Baby" (Lowell, Mass.)
"Planet of Sound" (Voodoo Music Experience)
"Is She Weird?" (Lowell, Mass.)
"Into the White" (Coachella)
"Where Is My Mind?" (Move)
"Monkey Gone to Heaven" (Move)

Final Details On Pixies Sell Out Being Made