Elbow's Third Album On The Way

Elbow is preparing to release their third full-length album, Leaders Of The Free World, in the UK on September 5th and in the US on September 27. The follow-up to their Cast Of Thousands album will contain 11 songs, with the UK version featuring a DVD containing videos for each of them.

The Soup Collective did the visual components to the release. They have worked with Elbow before on their videos including “Any Day Now” and “Red”, as well as on Oceansize’s brilliant video “Catalyst”. A statement on Elbow’s official website said: “the films were developed alongside the album recording process rather than commissioned.”

According to Billboard, the first single is “Forget Myself”, which will hit stores in the UK on August 29. The single will be released on two different CDs as well as 7-inch vinyl, and will include three non-album tracks.

Leaders Of The Free World
01. “Station Approach”
02. “Picky Bugger”
03. “Forget Myself”
04. “The Stops”
05. “Leaders Of The Free World”
06. “An Imagined Affair”
07. “Mexican Standoff”
08. “The Everthere”
09. “My Very Best”
10. “Great Expectations”
11. “Puncture Repair”

Elbow's Third Album On The Way