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Causes Blizzards When He Breathes

NASA might be in the doghouse, but other then that, Houston's got very few problems. Mike Jones and Slim Thug already dropped to varying decibel levels of golf claps, and we still have Bun and Cham's albums to look forward to, along with the new Paul Wall album we got to hear yesterday. Musically, The People's Champ contains few surprises, but if you want a twist rent Million Dollar Baby, nahmean? There's jams you've heard ("Sittin' Sideways," "They Don't Know,"), jams you haven't (Paul and Kanye's cruisin' anthem "Drive Slow" will appear on both their albums), and jams you just gotta hear ("Got Plex," and the Freeway -assisted "State 2 State"). Purple stuff, candy cars, etc. Paul's already got the internet goin' nuts. The real world has until September 13 to get in shape.

Causes Blizzards When He Breathes