Free Fiona Supporters' Wishes May Have Finally Come True

All the fanatics who have supported the Free Fiona campaign can finally rejoice, as their favorite musician’s third full-length will finally be set free. Yes, Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine will be released into the world on October 4th, after being shelved indefinitely by Epic Records.

Although the original story behind the delay in releasing the album pointed fingers at a stubborn record label, the actual person responsible may have been Fiona herself. Could it be?

According to the NY Times, the version of the album that was leaked a while back is not what will be released in October. The revamped record will feature nine re-recorded versions, two unchanged versions and even one new song, “Parting Gift”. Of course, now the die-hards will most likely not like the newly re-recorded versions, and will then demand for the label to release the original tracks instead.

Want a sample of Apple’s new tunes? Head on over to her official website to check out “Parting Gift” and “O’ Sailor”. You know you want to.

Free Fiona Supporters' Wishes May Have Finally Come True