New Oasis Album? Noel Says Not Until At Least 2007

Anytime you can get Noel Gallagher to sit down for an interview, he never fails to make journalistic gold. The outspoken Oasis head-honcho recently spoke with NME about singles compilations and the band’s next album.

For starters, Gallagher made it clear that his fans should not expect a new album of new material from the band until 2007 at the earliest. He did confirm that they might consider releasing a B-sides compilation that would cover tracks from Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants to the present.

So how about a best of to tide us over? No way. He explained: “This is from the horse’s mouth. We will only do a ‘Best Of’ when we split up. I never understood the Manics and Blur putting out ‘Best Of’s - I mean, what the f*ck’s all that about? It’s kind of saying that whatever you’re gonna do from there on is not gonna be your best. We’ll put out a ‘Best Of’ when we stop. No ‘Best Of’ or singles album until it’s done and dusted.”

Once it is time for Oasis to get back into the studio, it sounds like there won’t be a whole lot of songwriting to be finished up. Gallagher said: “We’ll probably have the rest of [next] year out and Liam will write 500 songs, Gem and Andy will write a few and I’ll go back to the ones I haven’t finished off. We never make plans. We haven’t got a record deal now anyway.”

New Oasis Album? Noel Says Not Until At Least 2007