Atombombpocketknife Throw In The Towel

Since forming in 1997, Chicago's Atombombpocketknife have released three albums, an EP and toured extensively all over the world, but today - Monday, August, 29 - the band has officially announced its plans to call it quits. Their last show will take place on Saturday, September 10 at Chicago's favorite hole-in-the-wall rock club, The Empty Bottle. Atombombpocketknife singer/guitarist and co-manager of File 13 Records, Justin Sinkovich, released an official statement. You can read it in its entirety below.

Atombombpocketknife has been my principle creative outlet and extended family since 1997. After three albums, an EP, dozens of singles and compilation appearances, shows in twelve different countries, thousands of hours in studios, vans, and practice spaces; The family remains but the band must rest its head once and for all. Che is moving to Austin Texas, and mainly we feel pretty good about where we’ve been and to close a pretty decent-sized chapter in our lives.

We’ll be around and the bands playing with us for this final show are, by design, part of this whole master scheme for the future. Tony Lazzara will be concentrating again on Sterling, a band I played bass in for some time. I will now be replaced by Al Burian of Challenger who actually played bass in Sterling before me. Also, Tony has joined Al, Dave, and Noah from Challenger in Milemarker for this new album and tour. Allison is playing in a new band with Noah from Challenger and Chris Hansen from Pinebender. Che Arthur keeps touring solo and doing sound for a myriad of bands. Che and I just finished recording his new solo album at my home studio, with Adam Reach on drums. Adam is the drummer in my new band The Poison Arrows. I’ll of course still co-manage File 13, among other things music related projects.

The current lineup of Atombombpocketknife since 2002 is Che Arthur, Allison Hollihan, Tony Lazzara, and Justin Sinkovich. David Burns, Matt Espy, Jason Morris, Scott Westmoreland, and Ben Martin have all played as Atombombpocketknife in one form or another over the years. Special thanks to them, everyone at Southern Records, File 13 Records, and thanks to everyone who has ever come to a show, lent us a place to stay or play, bought a record, burned a CD, and the many amazing bands we have shared a stage with over the years.

Playing in a band is really about having a family around you, and it’s nice to know this family isn’t gone at all. It’s simply branched out exponentially as you can see by the aforementioned shotgun effect into seventy different new projects. I have traversed deserts in a moving broiling box and awaited certain death while freezing on the wintery mountain roads of Eastern Europe with them. We’ve seen each other at our best, and most certainly at our worst. We are still with each other pretty much all the time, so I guess you could say that Atombombpocketknife hasn’t really broken up, we just won’t ever play music together again – after this show.

Atombombpocketknife Throw In The Towel