Parents Prevent Louis XIV From Performing At Alabama High School

In a move that has me thinking, "DUH!", parents at Hoover High School in Alabama had some objections when they found out San Diego rock outfit Louis XIV would be performing at their kids' school. The show was to be part of a televised football game on ESPN, as well as part of a new MTV series that will be documenting this year's Hoover High Buccaneers football season. Apparently, the team is really good and has won the state championship four out of the last five years. Rad.

Louis XIV was to be part of a post-game concert, but when parents started raising objections last week, the band's performance was scrapped in favor of Birmingham-area act, 4 On The Floor, who we will come back to discussing in a second.

So there are a lot of things wrong with this. One, if you take a look at Louis XIV's EP and album, which both feature naked women and lots of songs about banging naked women (albeit in a super-catchy, rock & roll kind of way), a rational person might have a second thought about putting them onstage to perform for a bunch of teenagers.

By contrast however, have those same parents that are complaining about Louis XIV ever watched 10 seconds of MTV? The network, which has a stranglehold over the 12-17 year old demographic (high school age), is a non-stop sexual barrage. Whether it's the latest 50 Cent video or "Room Raiders" or "Real World" or any of the network's 10 million other reality-based shows, sex plays a predominant role. I wonder if those same parents who gave the OK for MTV to follow their kids around for an entire season will have any objections when quarterback Johnny gets head cheerleader Nancy pregnant during a drunken, drug-filled sex romp at post-prom.

I'm fairly sure that Louis XIV's performance would have been just fine and about 100 times more suitable for teenagers than Britney's "I'm A Slave 4 You" video, but hey, parents are just trying to do what's best for their kids, right?

OK, now I have to tell you about the band that the parents picked out to replace Louis XIV - a successful, up and coming San Diego act with a decent amount of radio airplay, a hefty international touring schedule, major label backing and a catalog of awesome, original, rock & roll songs. The replacements were called, as I said, 4 To The Floor.

This is what they look like:

According to Musicgarden, who book bands for high schools, fraternities and weddings, etc. in the Southeast, 4 To The Floor are one of Birmingham's top cover bands. In fact, they even won the coveted Birmingham Area Music Award for Best Cover Band in 2002. "The exploding rhythms of the bass and drums support the instrumental overtones that keep the band alive on stage and the audience energized on the dance floor, says Musicgarden. "With music from the '70s, '80s, and contemporary chart toppers, there is no song, or era, that Four on the Floor can't conquer with vocal harmony and powerful instrumentals." Their catalog of cover tunes is quite extensive as well, and includes everything from Puddle Of Mudd's "She Fucking Hates Me" (which I'm sure they won't be playing for the kiddies) to Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight", with a little "Jessie's Girl" and "Tainted Love" thrown in for good measure.

Well one thing is for sure. The students at Hoover High School have yet another reason to hate their parents.

Parents Prevent Louis XIV From Performing At Alabama High School