New Order DVD On The Way

Once your band has a good solid twenty-three videos completed, I think it is safe to release a compilation DVD, which New Order has decided to do. Their upcoming collection of videos, titled New Order: Item, which will be released through Rhino on September 20. As if twenty-three videos weren’t enough to keep even the most devoted New Order stuck on the sofa for a few hours, the DVD extravaganza will also contain a two-hour documentary. Although information on the specific content of the documentary has not been released, one would assume it is chock-full of nuggets of happiness from throughout the band’s career.

New Order: Item
01. “Confusion”
02. “The Perfect Kiss”
03. “Shellshock”
04. “State of the Nation”
05. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
06. “True Faith”
07. “Touched By the Hand Of God”
08. “Blue Monday '88”
09. “Fine Time”
10. “Round & Round”
11. “Run”
12. “World in Motion”
13. “Regret”
14. “Ruined in a Day”
15. “World”
16. “Spooky”
17. “1963”
18. “Crystal”
19. “60 Miles an Hour”
20. “Here to Stay”
21. “Krafty”
22. “Jetstream”
23. “Waiting For the Sirens' Call”

New Order DVD On The Way